The Lion’s Secret 赖猫的狮子倒影 (formerly The Lion’s Reflection of Laying Cat) stars Yang Zishan as a CEO and Zhu Yawen as a former special ops officer who now works at the heroine’s company as a security guard.

Costarring Mike He and Li Yuan, the 40 episode drama is directed by Cai Yuexun (Midnight Diner) and written by Jin Guodong (Never Gone).

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4 thoughts on “Zhu Yawen, Yang Zishan’s contract marriage rom-com releases hilarious new teaser”

    1. If you haven’t yet, you should watch Across the Ocean to See You (漂洋过海来看你). It also stars Zhu Yawen in a similar set-up. It’s pretty cute for the most part, although the ending is rushed.

  1. Please let this be GOOD! I like the cast and even if the premise is perhaps a teeny bit predictable-sounding, I know these guys can pull it off.

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