Yu Zheng releases Court Lady stills of the Winter Begonia cast

Tang Zeng, the breakout supporting actor from Winter Begonia, rejoins Yu Zheng in Court Lady

As Winter Begonia came to an end, producer Yu Zheng released a set of new stills for upcoming Tang Dynasty panorama Court Lady featuring some of the cast members who are in both dramas, including Tang Zeng, Bai Bing, Tan Jianci, and people who I don’t recognize.

Bai Bing
Tan Jianci
Li Zefeng (thanks to cdr for the name)
He Ruixian
Huang Xinyao

Some additional stills released so far:

Lead Xu Kai and Li Yitong
Jiang Mengjie

8 thoughts on “Yu Zheng releases Court Lady stills of the Winter Begonia cast

  1. I think the picture you labelled as Liu Min is actually a pic of Bai Bing, 白冰. She played Yin Zheng’s ex-wife in Original Sin. She was in The Myth, Bitter Coffee with Hu Ge early in her career. I haven’t watched Winter Begonia but 白冰 is listed as a guest star.

    Liu Min usually looks more mature.

    The next 2 right after Tan Jianci are probably Yu Ma’s regulars, but I cannot remember their names either.

    Always nice to hear you guys to discuss dramas beyond the idol genre too. I don’t even remember if I saw Fu Jing before.

  2. Kind of funny to see Tang Zeng described as “breakout actor”. He’s being around many years and was the main lead in the 2012 drama “Youth”. “Youth” (知青)was a really good drama, tho it’s not listed in any of the main drama sites.

    • I don’t think any of the leads of Youth other than Wang Kai have ever really broke out in any drama. It’s a pity because Fu Jing is a wonderful actress and her portrayal in Youth makes me think she would be perfect for a lot of idol dramas, wuxia, and xianxia where they have those type of roles. She has that innocent pure goodness act down without feeling fake or lacking depth. Now that she’s 43, it’s unfortunately probably late to cast her in those types of roles even if she was more well-known.

      • Ah, if you mean as hot as Wang Kai, yeah, the rest sort of continue their quiet lives. I do see many of the cast members popping up in other dramas, Maybe Fu Jing is selective in the type of dramas she wants to perform in. She is “Hunting” too, currently airing. I actually only remembered her as Zhou Ping.

  3. I’m still having Winter Begonia withdrawal. I cant stop rewatching it. Winter Begonia is a masterpiece after Yanxi Palace.
    The main actor, Yin Zheng is very talented. I will be very disappointed if he didn’t win any awards for his performance as Shang Xi Rui!

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