Live Stage Round-Up

A couple of TV/ stage performances that I’ve enjoyed lately, mostly from Youth With You and The Treasured Voice.

Anson Hu is a genius and I will never get tired of him.
Jiang Yingrong and Alec Su in this old-school disco
Yu Kewei goes to the countryside for this idyllic rendition of Passing Through Life
Desert Camel from Zheng Luoyu and co. in Me to Us
This sexy rendition of R&B All Night from Youth With You. You might have to go to Youtube to watch it because iQiyi is annoying.
I can’t believe I didn’t post this last time! Bad Guy is proof of how good the choreography and camerawork, and editing is for this show. This is easily the weakest dance group but they make them look so damn good by hiding all their weaknesses and showcasing all the best angles. FYI this isn’t actually live since this part is just a competition for the dancers.

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