Meeting the Dragon begins filming with Dylan Wang, Zhu Xudan

Meeting the Dragon 遇龙 (lit.) stars Dylan Wang as Weichi Longyan, a two thousand-year old dragon king who is saved by kind-hearted young maidservant Liu Ying (Zhu Xudan).

Weichi Longyan and Liu Ying become entangled in a heart-wrenching romance that transcends three lifetimes, with Liu Ying taking on the identities of fisherman’s daughter Ruan Ahyu, general Feng Chenyue and Kunlun Sect disciple Gu Qingyan.

Originally a show-within-a-show in I Am YT’s RPG game Stairway to Stardom (Song Yi starred in the drama remake), Meeting the Dragon was later expanded into a separate RPG due to its popularity. The drama is helmed by Yang Lei (Stairway to Stardom), and began filming a couple of days ago.

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