Based on this oddly PS’ed poster, I’m guessing Yu Zheng will try to sell on historical aesthetics once more.

Song of Youth 玉楼春 is Yu Zheng’s latest period drama, a comedy starring Bai Lu, Jin Chen, Yang Rong, Huang Xinyao, Zheng Qiuhong, Lamuyangzi, Qiao Xin, and Wen Zhengrong. Their male love interests will be Wang Yizhe, Hao Lei, Chang Long, Zhou Lu, Zhu Zhiling, and Zheng Kai. According to Yu Zheng, the drama’s main focus will be fast-paced humor, but will include elements of traditional arts like pipa, guqin, dance, flower arrangement, the art of and fragrances and the like. It’ll also include actors from acting competition Real Actor.

This is Yu Zheng’s first attempt at comedy since Cosmetology High in 2014, which was not that well received (although idarklight enjoyed it).

Synopsis below:

While trying to overturn her father’s unjust conviction, former noble lady-turned-commoner Lin Shaochun (Bai Lu) meets and falls in love with nobleman Sun Yulou (Wang Yizhe). However, their social class difference proves a major hindrance, and Lin Shaochun is only accepted into the family after becoming a well-known self-made entrepreneur in less than a year.
After marriage, she discovers that her new family may have been responsible for her father’s demise, and a heart-tugging drama begins.

Jin Chen & Bai Lu

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