Promo Round-Up: Financial crimes thriller Hunting

Just in case two episodes of Serenade of Peaceful Joy isn’t enough Wang Kai per day.

Based loosely on the real operation of the same name, Hunting 猎狐 features Wang Kai, Wang Ou, and Hu Jun working on a new financial crime operation to repatriate economic fugitives who have fled abroad. The series is written by Zhao Dongling (Once Upon a Time in Tsingtao) and directed by Liu Xin (The King’s Woman). Liu Yijun, Deng Jiajia, Fu Jing, and Wang Tonghui co-stars, while Zhao Ziqi and Liu Jun guest stars.

The series will be airing two episodes on weekdays and one episode on weekends. It should be available on this Youtube channel.

Wang Kai as Xia Yuan, a young police officer who is assigned to the financial crimes unit
Wang Ou as Wu Jiaqi, a finance student who decides to join the police force due to her mother’s death.
Hu Jun as Yang Jianqiu, Xia Yuan’s mentor who struggles between his police duties and his wish to save his sister.
Liu Yijun as Wang Bolin, the head of a pharmaceutical company who escapes abroad
Fu Jing as Yang Jianqiu, Yang Jianqun’s sister and a worker at a bank
Zhang Tao as Hao Xiaoqiang, a broker and maybe Yang Jianqiu’s boyfriend?
Deng Jiajia as Yu Xiaohui, Xia Yuan’s girlfriend and a trader at an investment bank

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  1. This is the only drama where I’m actively looking forward to my 2 episode a day filling. The story is pretty obvious but the director knows exactly how to edit/add music cues so that we become invested in the process and are pushed to empathise with pretty much all the characters.

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