Promo Round-Up: The Best of You in My Mind

Song Yiren and Zhang Yao’s college-themed rom-com, The Best of You in My Mind ( aka The Best of You All Over The World 全世界最好的你), airs today . The original book was originally mostly just above a pair of childhood sweethearts who get together in college, but the adaptation added in an archery sideplot. I’m guessing it was aiming to stream during the Summer Olympics, but missed its mark after the Olympics got moved to next year.

The trailers look cute, but all the other Youku “sports rom-coms” out so far (Plop of Youth, Sweet Tai-Chi, and Skate Into Love ) have been various degrees of disappointing, and Song Yiren has been a hit-or-miss for me, so my hopes aren’t that high. The drama is available with English subs here.

Theme song by VAE and Liu Yuning and playlist of promos here:

Stills with pets ; trailer; more stills

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