Legend of Awakening releases MV and teasers

Happy 20th birthday to Chen Feiyu!

Perhaps to celebrate its lead’s 20th birthday, xianxia drama Legend of Awakening released its first video previews today. This includes the MV for the theme song by Wang Sulong (below), as well as previews for the leads on Weibo here.

Chen Feiyu turned down Ever Night 2 for this, so this drama better be worth it.

Chen Feiyu
Xiong Ziqi
Cheng Xiao
Shang Xuan
Tse Kwan-ho
Yu Weijie
Xiao Shunyao

1 thought on “Legend of Awakening releases MV and teasers

  1. Wait I think they changed quite a bit? I remember when the news of this production came out last year, the original novel made it onto my to-read list (also bc written by Butterfly Blue and I love his King’s Avatar). Pretty sure the main female character is Su Tang, which is played by the girl in red with the pony tail? I think Cheng Xiao’s character Qin Sang was paired with someone else? And Su Tang and the main guy (played by Chen Feiyu) were supposed to be OTP? Obviously they seem to have changed this because Cheng Xiao’s got fanbase and a bigger celebrity than the other girl, but I was looking forward to Su Tang’s character setup and the setup of their relationship. I’m kinda tired of the “aloof pretty girl who’s not really part of our hero-fight-group at first but ends up being the love of my life” trope. Idk. I guess we’ll see.

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