Promo Round-up: If There Is No Tomorrow

If There Is No Tomorrow stars Guo Jingfei as a terminally ill cancer patient who is determined to make his final days on earth meaningful. Miao Miao and Gao Lu costar.

First teaser

Coming from the writers behind Daylight Entertainment’s 2019 hit series All is Well, the 12 episode web drama releases 2 episodes every Mon-Tues on iQiyi / Tencent.

Gao Lu as Yu Huanshui’s ex-wife
Li Qingyu as Yu Huanshui’s sun

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: If There Is No Tomorrow

  1. Verdict after halfway mark: This show is absolutely hilarious, and gets even better after Episode 3. Satirical comedy + fast-paced story is exactly what I need right now.

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