Titled Truth or Dare 花好月又圆, the mistaken-identity rom-com that sounds like a mix of Wrong Carriage, Right Groom and My Fair Princess stars Li Gengxi (absolutely perfect in A Little Reunion) as Xiao Wanzi, a mischievous and optimistic young girl who performs on the street for a living. Huang Junjie (Dr. Cutie) costars as the third young master of the Mei family and her love interest.

The illiterate Xiao Wanzi is somehow able to pass off as an educated noble lady after a fortuitous encounter with a stranger, and is married into the Mei family. Lu Yingyao (Sun Anke), the original bride-to-be, is captured by the thief known as Young Lord Bao (Ding Jiawen), who takes her into his a bandit stronghold.

Directed by Xu Huikang (Wuxin: The Monster Killer 3), the 34 episode drama has already started filming.

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2 thoughts on “Li Gengxi, Huang Junjie begin filming period rom-com Truth or Dare”

  1. He is good looking to look at but acting is still stiff. He is more suitable to modern drama. I can’t even finish Dr Cutie.

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