So SARFT has decided to give Held in the Lonely Castle a new name, and the historical drama is now going by the name Serenade of Peaceful Joy 清平乐. The new name is the title of a popular song during the Song Dynasty commonly used by poets to pen lyrics of common life, a reference to the peaceful and prosperous reign under the Emperor Renzong, in part perhaps due to the high and lonely standards the Emperor held for himself and his family. Wang Kai plays the emperor stuck between a rock and hard place, while Jiang Shuying costars as his empress.

The 69 episode drama airs daily on Hunan TV beginning April 6 April 7.

Despite the name change, there is definitely not an iota of joy in the new trailer below.

Princess Huirou (Ren Min) and her shadow (Bian Cheng) plotline. Wang Kai + Jiang Shuying TV ads here

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5 thoughts on “Held in the Lonely Castle gets name change and release date, releases new promos”

    1. Based on the trailers and the BTS’s, it seems like they just kept the whole princess plot line and then added more. I can’t think of any important plot points with the princess that they didn’t film.

  1. 69 episodes!?! That’s a big ask for a drama that seems heavy on the glum side, even if it is Wang Kai. Judging by your remarks, it sounds like the original title would be more descriptive to those who would not get the poetic analogy of the new title. I’ll be curious to see how audiences respond to it.

    1. The unconfirmed rumor is ppl were worried the original Chinese title (literally lonely, closed city) would be too on the nose given the coronavirus quarantines 😷

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