Mini Live Stages Round-Up

Zhou Shen covers vocaloids in this fun performance where he plays multiple characters on a quest to save the princess from a dragon.

I’m too braindead to write a proper intro to everything but here are a couple of fun, inspiring, and/or exciting performances from various music competitions last week, mostly from Youth With You, the latest girlband competition.

Angela Zhang and Tan Jianci in this dark cover of The Wings of Light
Miss A’s Wang Feifei and MIC’s Tan Jianci collaborate. If you were with us back in the days, Miss A and MIC were like the first male and female groups we stanned from their debut. Fun fact: they use to share the same practice floor in Beijing!

A couple of my favorite performances from Youth With You. I hate all the English names and the over-autotone, but Youth With You has so much better camerawork and editor than all the other idol group competitions so far, making their performances most consistently solid by far:

“Shaking” exudes charisma in her first stage for the latest girlband competition.

6 thoughts on “Mini Live Stages Round-Up

  1. Ooh, I started watching 天赐的声音 after reading this post. Are you still watching it? They sucked me in because they keep getting artists that pull at my underdog/nostalgic loyalties (like Top Combine/Zhao Yongxin/Liu Wei). I feel so heartbroken at all of the guests who have been in the industry for a while but haven’t “made it.”
    (Is there a discussion board that I should post this on instead? I couldn’t find the old chat thread.)

    • Yep, still watching. Loved Jiang Yingrong and Bai Jugang’s performances this week. Kind of heartbroken with Zhao Yongxin’s stage, though. He seemed to have lost his confidence in them, especially compared to Tan Jianci’s two performances. I wish he could be more confident because I know he can do better.

      • Ooh, yes, Xiaoxin definitely seemed to be holding back. (I actually immediately went to rewatch his opera performance of 夜来香 because he exuded so much charisma back then.) His segments also seemed really short? He barely got any comments and I didn’t see any clips of his performance preparation with Angela Zhang. I felt so bad for Jiang Yingrong–even though she and the rest of the judges agreed that Judge Ding was coming from a place of wanting her to do well, his critique also felt unnecessarily harsh and unrealistic. (Yes, you can say that she needs to find her own style, but to what extent can anyone in the music industry really control how popular they get? It’s often more luck than talent/hard work…) She did a really good job in her performance with Alec Su, though. And it was also good to see Ding Dang (OST queen!!).

  2. OMG just watched the Zhou Shen video – I was smiling the entire time watching his performance it was amazing!

  3. Thank you for posting about Zhou Shen! I was blown away by his performance and has been listening to his recent song on The Singer non stop. It’s such an addictive fun song. I’m so so happy that he has finally blown up in China. He’s got so much skill and is such a gem that is deserving of more love.

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