Promo Round-Up: Winter Begonia

Not only is Winter Begonia a rare Yu Zheng drama to not use dubbing, but Yin Zheng and co. will do much of their own singing of the opera parts.

Starring Huang Xiaoming and Yin Zheng, bromance + peking opera drama Winter Begonia will begin releasing episodes on iQiyi tonight. Charmaine Sheh costars as Huang Xiaoming’s jealous wife.

An accompanying show will tell the story behind each of the Peking Opera pieces in the show. It’ll be hosted by Peking Opera artist Wang Peiyu, who is perfect for this. She did a podcast doing something similar and it was entertaining and informative even for the casual listener.

Teaser ; Peking Opera special ; Character Posters ; Stills; Stills 2

Theme song by Lu Hu, with opera parts by Yin Zheng and Huang Xiaoming
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Tan Jianci

3 thoughts on “Promo Round-Up: Winter Begonia

  1. I was too late, and didn’t have the chance to see the english subtitles for this song before it was taken down due to copyright strikes. Can the video perhaps be uploaded via another platform? It is unfortunate if one does not have the understanding of the meaning behind this beautiful piece of music.

  2. Watched ep. 1. So far Huang Xiaoming and Charmaine Sheh are great, but Yin Zheng is not. The scene where he’s introduced as exhibiting more beauty and being more loveable than all the women was not convincing at all.

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