Han Hong thanks celebrities fighting the coronavirus on the front lines

As Wuhan lists zero new cases and all 14 temporary ark hospitals have closed down, singer-philanthropist Han Hong released a letter of thanks for her team of celebrities who have been working themselves to purchase and transport supplies to Wuhan over the past 57 days. The team has sent 200 negative pressure ambulances, seven ECMO’s, 1849 ventilators, 363374 protective suits, 1.5 million pairs of gloves, 3.5 million medical waste bags, 4 million N95and surgical masks, 55k sanitary pads, among many other supplies.

Many of these celebrities went to factories themselves to secure supplies, while Yi Yangqianxi even requested to go to Wuhan himself to literally move supplies before Han Hong hanged up him.

Han Hong announced that in the future, the team will instead focus on helping families affected by COVID-19.

Foreign purchasers: Jiang Xin, Tan Weiwei, Ma Su, Stefanie Sun, Jane Zhang, Han Geng, Celina Jade, Guo Jingfei, Bai Baihe, andTang Wei. Due to time differences, these people must both work at night to talk with overseas suppliers and in day to talk with local teams. Over time they cover all 24 hours, and in space they spanned the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Thailand, and 20+ countries. Not only do they use the phone and the internet, some even flew over to these regions themselves to check out the supplies and negotiate over prices. Special thanks to Tan Weiwei’s spouse Chen Yifei, who did much of the translation.

Local purchasers: Yuan Quan, Wang Han, Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Deng Chao, Wang Zhengliang, Jin Chi, Qin Lan, Huang Xuan, Lou Yixiao, Xiao Shen Yang, Chen Xiao, Zhang Yishan, Yu Xiaoguang. …

Information team: Ni Ni, Wang Ou, Yu Kewei, Chen He, Lei Jia. They’ve been compiling needs and requests from hospitals day and night to allow our donations go to those who need it the most.

Price negotiators: Chen Xuedong, Ji Jie.

And also to Yi Yangqianxi, this taciturn youth. When the volunteer porters in Wuhan became too tired to work, Yi Yangqianxi requested to go to Wuhan to be a warehouse porter. This was during the worst days of Wuhan, when everyone else didn’t want to be within miles of the city. I remember I was so fearful and angry for him that I hanged up on Yi Yangqianxi to stop him.

Especially thank you to Chen Ming, the team leader of the celebrity volunteer team. She’s careful, rigorous, serious, and responsible.

-loose translation of Han Hong’s weibo

In addition to these people, she also thanked the medical professionals who advised them as well as the many donators .

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  1. The unfolding of compassion and equanimity…both seem to be somewhat absent in the leadership of the United States. I do hope China does not undergo a second wave.

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