Love in the Flames of War had filmed for less than a week when the coronavirus caused the drama to hit pause, but has resumed filming last week.

While productions in the rest of the world are just beginning to shut down due to the coronavirus, many Chinese dramas have begun shooting again after a two-month hiatus. Since film and TV shooting have the unique problem of requiring actors to not wear masks during their normal jobs, they began working a little later than most in China with extra precautions for the crew. Here is a list of some of the dramas back for production:

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One thought on “Chinese dramas back in production as coronavirus slows down in China”

  1. China’s fast quarantine of wuhan is quite effective. A couple of months it did look like the country was in deep trouble but now everything is getting brighter and the sun is out. Sadly, the rest of the world didn’t pay attention and is currently in the same boat albeit in worse position than China was due to lack of political will and/or medical resources to contain this virus.

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