Mulan delayed, round-up 4

Liu Yifei at the Mulan Premier earlier this week.

Mulan Promos Round-Up 1Round-Up 2 ; Round-Up 3

According to Variety, Disney’s Mulan has been delayed indefinitely across the globe due to the coronavirus. I’m actually really sad about this, and I really hope we can see this film soon.

I went ahead and got the book of the live-action. The story feels more “Disney princess-y” in terms of her transformation, and Mulan’s decisions feel less subtle, but overall it follows the same plot as the original film and Mulan has the same heart. Some people were accusing Disney of removing Li Shang because he’s too queer, but that’s definitely not the case based on the book. There’s an exchange between Mulan and the new male lead that’s way more queerbait than anything in the original.

A new Mulan clip (spoilers) of the moment Mulan decides to go on her journey:

We also get a first glimpse of the city life of Chang’an in this new trailer. The color and styling reminds me the most of The Longest Day in Chang’an .

First look at the city life of Chang’an in Mulan

Oh, and more merchandise:

Warrior Woman shoes by Ruthie Davis
Danielle Nicole Armor and Sword backpack (soon to be available on ShopDisney)

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