First look at Zhang Xincheng, Lin Yun in remake of Nodame Cantabile

The remake of Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile is titled Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 and stars Zhang Xincheng (My Huckleberry Friends) as Li Zhenyi, as a talented pianist who wants to become a conductor, but is initially unwilling to commit to further education overseas due to a childhood trauma.

Lin Yun (Battle Through the Heavens) costars as Fang Xiaowo, a genius pianist who can play it by ear but can’t read sheet music. She befriends Li Zhenyi, eventually helping him to conquer his fears, and joins him on his trip to Europe. While there, the two achieve great success in their respective fields, and also confirm their feelings for each other.

Directed by Liu Junjie (All Out of Love), the 50 episode drama is slated to air on Hunan TV from March 18th.

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