Liu Yifei sings Reflection, more by Chen Man, and American merchandise round-up

The Mulan poster by Chen Man we deserve.

Mulan Promos Round-Up 1; Round-Up 2

Liu Yifei covers the classic Mulan song Reflection. She sounds flawed but still beautiful and more importantly, it sounds like her. I’m really happy that they didn’t over-autotune her too much for this song like they did for the other princesses. My only complaint is that the erhu is a very minimum-effort addition, but I like how the rest of the music was re-arranged to fit her voice.

Updated playlist with more new trailers, interviews, and behind-the-scenes here.

“If you ask me what family means to me, I would tell you that it’s unconditional love.”⁣ – Liu Yifei in her interview for Ocean Drive.

Since I did a Chinese merchandise round-up last time, here’s an American/Canadian one. There are less fashionable outfits, but still a lot of cool merchandise. I wish all my biases had this level of merch. I’m so jealous of Disney.

First up, there’s Hot Topic, the to go nerdy merchandise store. The Her Universe sword tank is 100% made for the wuxia nerd in me. I’ve already ordered it.

Then there’s Loungefly via Lunchbox, I only discovered this store last year, and their store is like a candy store for the slightly-more-grown-up fangirl me. Their bags look great in person and I want them all.

For more high-end bags, there’s these Mary Frances beaded handbags. The one for Khan (or whatever his name is in the new version) is gorgeous and reminds me of a Han-Dynasty stone relief.

There’s also your usual Disney store, with the weapons you need to fight – sword, bow and arrow, and the most mighty of them all – the pen.

And finally, three fancy jewelry stores with Mulan jewelry. The Rocklove one is being released on March 16th.

And finally, I leave you with Liu Yifei signing posters on day 2 of the press tour today.

2 thoughts on “Liu Yifei sings Reflection, more by Chen Man, and American merchandise round-up

  1. So I couldn’t wait and got the book version of the movie. I don’t see any major issues with the changes to the plot. I feel like they made her more like a Disney Princess in terms of her transformation. It’s less subtle and more pivotal, and I don’t know if that’ll be better or worse in the film.

    Also if anyone think they replaced Shang because they didn’t want a bi-male lead they are definitely wrong. If anything I had always felt Shang was straight but Chen Honghui definitely feels bi to me. The dialogue in the almost-kiss scene made me squeal.

  2. So much beautiful merch! I still remember filling out a survey at a local Hot Topic years back, saying I wanted more Mulan merch. Definitely going to be dropping by the closest Boxlunch and Hot Topic to see these in person.

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