Round-Up 2: Songs for the fight against COVID-19

The first round-up of songs, made when it was called coronavirus, here.
Please stay safe wherever you are! Remember to wash your hands and don’t use them to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

I Know 我知道 – Andy Lau
These heartfelt lyrics by Andy Lau are inspired by that of “For whom“, a song about efforts to contain the 1998 Wuhan floods –
“I don’t know who you are, but I know for whom you fight for.”

Out to Battle (Song of the Mighty Wind) 出征(大风歌)
– Gem Baoshi, Linghua (Phoenix Legend), Shitou, Zheng Qiyuan.
Gem Baoshi gets a lot of flack for writing redneck songs but this song is packed with perfectly placed allusions and homages without being overly ornate or academic. Can you catch all the references in the lyrics?
Also, Linghua’s voice is exactly the mighty wind the song needs. It’s unfortunate such talent is brought together for such a sad occasion.

It Will Be Fine – Lay Zhang Yixing
Composed and written by Lay and a fan

Take Care- Nicholas Tse, Wang Junkai, Jam Hsiao
Composed by Nicholas Tse, lyrics by Cheung Cho Kiu

Until daybreak – lyrics by Mao Buyi, composed by Lu Hu, piano Lang Lang
Chris Li Yuchun, He Jiong, Xu Kai, Selina Ren, Jeff Chang, Show Luo, Wang YIbo, Wu Qingfei, Luo Yunxi, Peng Yuchang, Su Yunying, Fan Chengcheng, Lang Lang, Ouyang Nana, Yu Menglong, Angelababy, Zeng Shunxi, NPC, X-Nine, R1Se, Rocket Girls, By2, Song Zu’e, Hou Minghao, Qiao Xin, Zhang Yunlong, Liang Long, Chen He, Xi Mengyao, Mickey He, Zhang Yuqi, Deng Yaping, Xiao Shenyang, Zhang Jike, etc.

Waiting for the Passing of the Storm 等风雨经过 – Jacky Cheung
Composed by Jay Chou, lyrics by Vincent Fang

Angels in White – “indie” artists from Oceans Butterfly

You Have To Believe – Hua Chenyu

Wuhan, Never Lonely – Lei Jia, Wang Junkai

Heart + Heart = The World – composed by Vae
Da Zhang Wei, Ayunga, Zheng Yunlong, Liu Meilin, Liu Xijun, etc.

Love Will Win – Wang Leehom

Bridge of Love – Andy Lau, Han Lei, Liu Tao, Wang Ou, Ma Sichun, Ouyang Nana, Lou Yixiao, Huang Xuan
The original version of I Know

 With hope,with me – Aarif Rahman, Zhang Xincheng, etc.

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  1. I noticed there’s a lot of political controversy in the comments of 等风雨经过… Why this song in particular though, and not any of the others featuring HK/Taiwanese artists?

    • My guess is that it’s because it’s posted on a channel whose followers are mostly from Hong Kong, versus other videos that have a bigger range of subscribers.

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