Wuxin 3 releases stills, adds new cast members

Chen Yao again crossdresses to play Liu Xuanxi, the older brother of a pair of roles she’ll be playing.

Chen Yao will once more crossdress to play a male character in the latest installment of the Wuxin: The Monster Killer series. The series, a story of the undead Wuxin set in the Tang dynasty, released a set of still recently. Han Dongjun returns as the titular Wuxin in the Tang Dynasty, as does Sui Yongliang as Shang Qingtian. The series also announced Tangren regulars Tan Jianci and Ye Qing as well as Ding Qiao and Niu Junfeng as additions to the cast.

Han Dongjun returns as Wuxin
Chen Yao as the younger sister of a pair of twins
Sui Yongliang as Shang Qingtian
Ding Qiao replaces Mike as Bai Liuli
Tan Jianci
Niu Junfeng
Ye Qing

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