Day and Night spin-off releases first stills

Reborn 重生 is a spin-off of critically acclaimed crime drama Day and Night 白夜追凶, and focuses on Qin Chi, the meticulous detective of the police department (Xiguan division). He is the sole survivor of the July 14 mass shooting, yet cannot recall anything that happened at the crime scene.

Feng Xiao (Zhao Ziqi), a capable and experienced assistant to the inspector in the municipal police department, Qin Chi’s ex-wife.

Lu Mingjia (Zhang Haowei) is Qin Chi’s assistant, a passionate and brave police officer who is also the son of the head of the municipal criminal investigations department.

Xia Yutong (Cheng Xiaomeng), a detail-oriented psychologist in the forensic department.

Hu Yibiao (Liu Guancheng), Qin Chi’s superior

Chen Rui (Zhao Jinmai), the impulsive yet kind-hearted younger sister of the mass murderer responsible for the July 14 case.

The web drama is directed by Yang Dong (Su Dongpo), and scripted by Day and Night screenwriter and former lawyer Zhiwen.

Production on the actual sequel starring Pan Yueming has been pushed back, though he does make an appearance in this show:

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