Valentine’s Day Promos Round-Up

Winner of Best Valentine’s Day drama poster – My Roommate is a Detective

Valentine’s Day posters and photoshoots that caught our eyes this week. Which couples are you already shipping?

Love and Redemption 30s MV with music by Zhou Shen
Happy Valentine’s Day from Miss Truth!
The Imperial Age – Feng Shaofeng, Ying’er
Siteng – Jing Tian, Zhang Binbin
Broker – Song Qian, Luo Yunxi
Broker Valentine’s Day behind-the-scenes
Unrequited Love – Hu Bingqing, Hu Yitian
The Journey Across the Night – Zeng Shunxi, Cherry Ng
The Promise of Chang’an – Zhao Yingzi, Cheng Yi
Dance of the Sky Empire – Xu Kai, Wu Jiayi
Yu Menglong and Chen Yuqi’s The Love Lasts Two Minds
Twisted Fate of Love – Sun Yi, Jin Han
Love is All – Zhang Ruonan, Zhang Haowei
Eternal Love BTS
Skate into Love Valentine’s Day teaser
Young and Beautiful – Zhang Tian’ai, Xu Kaicheng
Last year’s hit drama Go Go Squid – Yang Zi, Li Xian
Sweet Tai Chi
Ugly Beauty – Zheng Hehuizi, Huang Shengchi
A belated Chinese Valentine’s Day video from Song Weilong, Xu Kai, and Mu Ziyang

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