Round-up: Songs of solidarity for those affected by the coronavirus

I’m going to take a wild guess that unfortunately, these aren’t going to be the only songs written for the event.

G.E.M. – Angels

How are you, Wuhan
– Chang Shilei, Zhu Yilong, Li Xian, and Doudou

Stay With You – JJ Lin, with lyrics by Stefanie Sun

Won’t Let You Be Alone – Sing Girlband

The Snow Will Melt to Reveal Another Spring – Chinese Opera singers Li Yihao, Shi Xiaming, Tao Qi, Li Xiaoxun, Zhou Dongliang, Xu Xiufang

FYI the scenes depicted here are from Nanjing, not Wuhan

Love Will Win – Wang Leehom, Jackie Chan, Xiao Zhan, Tan Weiwei, etc.

Shared Roots – Li Ronghao

Finally, here are some songs from the village-next-door, such as a Tianjin Kuaiban version, a song fitted to the Yu Opera version of Hua Mulan, and another fit to Qin Opera. There’s also an Errenzhuan song here.

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