Mulan final trailer

Watching recent Disney movies’ attempts at showing fighting choreography (instead of just editing a bunch of fast takes together) have really made me realize that for all the surreal moves in Chinese wuxia, they’ve managed to extend physics in a way so that even the casual viewer can discern what looks “right” and what’s “impossible” even though it’s all impossible. Reason #1million why Disney shouldn’t have had an all-white crew.

4 thoughts on “Mulan final trailer

  1. imo, it’s a good thing there aren’t any well-known Chinese crew members working on this film. That way if/when this movie fails at the box office, they won’t get the blame. It’s also good for China’s film industry as it would be the only industry in the world that’s capable of making authentic wuxia films.

    • Nah, the takeaway will probably be Hollywood doesn’t like films “tailored to China” even though all of their tailoring are things Chinese people don’t want. I’ve even seen comments that have already blamed the film potentially not going to be able to open on time due to the coronavirus on karma for using Liu Yifei …

      • China bashing is quite trendy nowadays especially in 西方. Hence, why I’d prefer Chinese people not work on this project. We stay clear of this disaster so it doesn’t backfire on us. Having watched the previous trailers, it just looks so awkward like they’re not really feeling it so to speak. China’s film industry is going through a golden age so I rather we make our own movies and export it worldwide instead of trying to make a name in Hollywood.

  2. Maybe Disney’s logic goes like: wuxia=impossible, superhero=impossible, wuxia=superhero

    Mulan should be historical fiction. This movie turns it into historical fantasy.

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