Coronavirus Donation Information

Feel free to post information about any way people can help here. We don’t have the ability to check the validity of these so please be vigilant.

Reliable alumni groups (no need to be an alum) that have proof of directly sending supplies to the hospitals:

  • Huazhong University European Alumni Groups, donates to 64 hospitals in Hubei. Wechat: 华中科技大学北京校友会
  • Renmin University N. American Alumni. Donates to hospitals surrounding Wuhan, Wechat: RUC北美校友会
  • Wuhan University Japanese Alumni Association. Donates to Wuhan hospitals. Wechat: 东瀛珞珈人
  • Sun Yat-sun University Fund. Donates to the Wuhan MedicalAssistance Team, Sun Yat-Sun Hospital in Guangzhou, Hainan People’s Hospital. Wechat: 中山大学教育发展基金会
  • The Wenzhou government is chartering a plane for donated supplies from Rome to Wenzhou on February 13. Items can be shipped either to a warehouse in Florence or directly to the airport. Contact either the phone number or Weixin listed below.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Donation Information

  1. Here’s a fundraiser page created by the Wuhan University Alumni Association of Greater New York:

    All the donations will be used to buy medical supplies (masks, gloves, etc.) and have it shipped directly to Wuhan, China.
    Making a donation here would be better as the organizers can buy all the supplies in bulk from the warehouse distributors and get more value out of it (bulk purchases can get discounts) compared to individual consumers buying it at retail price. The page has images of the receipts, all the purchased supplies and delivery trucks unloading their cargo in Wuhan, so it’s a credible source.

    The donation page is legit as it shows up on the official Alumni website as well:

    I’ve already donated last week.


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