Zhang Xincheng, Deng Jiajia begin filming mystery thriller miniseries

Based on the novel Kairō-tei no satsujin / The Murder in Kairotei by Higashino Keigo, The Corridor Pavilion 回廊亭 stars Zhang Xincheng (Young Blood) and Deng Jiajia (Empress of the Ming) in the leading roles.

Official announcement video

Tong Xiuzhi, the secretary to a tycoon, is badly burnt when a fire rips through her bedroom. After she wakes up in hospital, she is told that her boyfriend had died at the scene. After surviving a possible attempt on her life, Tong Xiuzhi takes on a new identity and joins the tycoon’s will reading ceremony at the Corridor Pavilion in an effort to find the culprit.

Directed by Yin Fei (Warm Happiness) and written by Zhang Shidong (Strange Tales of Kaifeng, Yu Zui), the 12 episode Youku web drama began filming a week ago.

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