Luo Yunxi, Chen Feiyu cast in BL-novel adapted drama

Immortality 皓衣行 is based on Roubao Buchi Rou’s novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun/Teacher 二号和他的白猫师尊. Luo Yunxi plays the grandmaster of the cultivation world while Chen Feiyu is his rebellious disciple who eventually turns over a new leaf. Chen Yao costars as one of the other two disciples.

Chu Wanning (Luo Yunxi) is a cultivation master who hides his warm and sensitive nature behind a cold and distant personality. He takes it upon himself to protect the people and rid the world of evil even if it means sacrificing himself. Mo Ran (Chen Feiyu) becomes an immoral and murderous ruler after being influenced by the demon’s flower in his first life and decides to take responsibility for his actions after being resurrected in a parallel universe. Shi Mei (Chen Yao) comes with a secretive past and will do everything in her power to save her clan. Xue Meng is the righteous young master of The Pinnacle of Life and Death (the sect is also translated as Sisheng Peak) and extremely loyal to Chu Wanning.

With the CGI and worldview design team from Ashes of Love and costume design by Huang Wei (Tribes and Empires, Ever Night) the Tencent web drama is looking to become the most high-profile and expensive BL drama adaption ever made. Directed by He Shupei (World of Dugu), the 50 episode drama will begin filming in a couple of months.

11 thoughts on “Luo Yunxi, Chen Feiyu cast in BL-novel adapted drama

  1. I’m sad that they turned Shi Mei into female. It’s actually a turn off most of the times for readers who experienced it as bl story but now it’s suddenly bromance, and in this case, there’s totally nothing. I wish the bl genre could be adaptable someday without needing to bring in a female lead to balance the homosexual key. Nevertheless I am looking forward for the live action cause I like the character who’s playing Chu Wanning

  2. Drama is turning Shi Mei into a female!!! All the hilarious irony in that name is lost. The novel fans will have a fit.

    • From the responses I read..generally most novel fans are happy. But obviously not all as it would be an impossible feat

      • I was reading from BL fan (funu) Weibo post. They were overall unhappy that drama production got its claw on the material. It’s a general discontent that no way drama could faithfully portray BL relationship so why do it. This one is even trickier because it can’t even be teacher-student bromance.

        They don’t think Arthur Chen could handle Doggie Mo’s 3 personas. They were fine with LYX’s casting. Not happy that Shi Mei is now female, and a female pretending to be a male character is turned into male.

        Weibo comments can be tricky because sometimes it’s hard to tell what are authentic. Celeb fans, paid cybertroopers and trolls often muddy up perceived sentiments.

        • Yes. Weibo comments are tricky. From what I read from the drama/novel’s super topic, novel fans there are generally happy with the casting announcement.

          I just ignore the comments in the yxh’s news post as there are just too many trolls

        • Did you check the posts on novel/drama’a super topic? From what I read, most are happy with the casting announcement. Like I said, obviously can’t please all. But it’s not true if we say novel’s fans generally unhappy.

          • Supertopics tend to fall victim to cybertroopers. Moderators might not be fair and neutral. People (not paid cybertroopers) who are not fans pretend to be in their attempt to control the conversation. Lessons I learned as MDZS fan make me avoid supertopics.

            I read and skimmed over 1000 comments in the post by @腐女大本营. Placing more emphasis on those that indicate the posters have read the novel. Ones with most likes are more on the negative side. The top one is a drama impossibly and people have fun with it. Overall, more negative than positive. Someone claiming to be LYX fan saying his fandom generally didn’t want him to accept the role, but since he did, they would unconditionally support him.

            Also checked novel comments on JinJiang. Not many new ones mentioning the drama. Don’t know whether they’ve been held up under moderation. Not much excitement so far. At best 50/50. Similar to the above Weibo post sentiments: LYX is fine; Not looking forward to “魔改”.

            Looked through all the audio drama comments posted within the past day. About a dozen or so related to the drama. Not counting the simple neutral announcements, still more negative than positive.

            Some of those who don’t hold out hope the drama will be good are excited about it providing material for them to edit their own fan-videos though.

            • It’s impossible for not 魔改 for this live action. They have to go through censorship. There are always pros and cons with the fandoms so let see how it goes. Let’s agree to disagree as what I see from my side, people are pretty happy with the casting announcement.

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