Yong Mei by Alexvi

Silver Bear winner Yong Mei, whose name means a poem for the winter flower – the plum blossom, is captured with equally timeless architecture in this photoshoot by Alexvi. She recently starred in So Long, My Son, for which she won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, and drama A Little Reunion.

I know a lot of people often complain about the lack of focus on older actresses, but just following magazine photoshoots, there’s been a huge change in the ages of actresses featured over the years. When Cfensi first started, most of the covers featured established actresses in their 30’s or late 20’s. As idol dramas and pop idols came to popularity, many in their early 20’s or even teens began to appear on top fashion magazines. Over the past year, though, it’s very noticeable how older actresses in their 50’s or 60’s have joined the mix.

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