Yin Tao, Song Yi, Zhao Jinmai cast in remake of Astringent Girl

Astringent Girl 涩女郎 is the second adaption (the first being Pink Ladies 粉红女郎 back in 2003) of Zhu Deyong’s manhua of the same name, and stars Yin Tao (The Years You Were Late) as Wanrenmi, the most popular and attractive of the quartet.

Song Yi (Joy of Life) plays Jiehun kuang, a woman who wants to get married as soon as possible, Xia Ruoyan (Before We Get Married) costars as Nanrenpo, the tomboy of the group and Zhao Jinmai (A Little Thing Called First Love) rounds out the quartet as Ha-mei, a naive and innocent young girl. Hu Lianxin, Wei Daxun, Yang Shuo, Sun Yizhou and Tan Kai have been cast in supporting roles.

The 40 episode drama is helmed by new director Li Jiangming.

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