Promo Round-up: Handsome Siblings

The latest remake of Handsome Siblings comes from the director of Mengfei Comes Across and the second writer of Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017, and stars Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan as brothers who have been groomed to turn against each other.

CCTV-8 will air 3 episodes daily and run for 44 episodes, while iQiyi will be streaming the full 53 episode version (2 eps daily).

Romance teaser, Hu Yitian BTS, Opening by Jin Zhiwen, Ending by Liu Xijun

3 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Handsome Siblings

  1. Read this novel and a few other Gu Long novels when I was little. Always felt they had a misogynistic undertone. Would like to check it out but Netflix licensing means it’s regionally blocked on IQiyi in the North America and Europe, tested via VPN. I think Xiao Yuer is the easier character to capture acting wise than Hua WuQue. “Cold but not stiff” is tough.

  2. This will also be airing on Netflix starting on Thursday, January 16. I remember watching the 1980’s TVB version with Tony Leung Chiu Wai and was annoyed by the plot. Somehow Gu Long’s novel adapted dramas are just not as appealing and fun to watch as Louis Cha’s dramas.

    Casting wise, Chen Zheyuan looks very fitting as Xiao Yu’er with the mischievous playful personality. Hu Yitian just looks sleazy to me for some reason. I think he’s missing the innocence/naivety that is part of Hua Wuque’s gentleman and polite character.

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