Promo Round-up: New World

L-R: A police officer, a gangster and a spy.

New World stars Sun Honglei, Zhang Luyi and Yin Fang as non-biological brothers who always have each other’s backs despite differing political loyalties. Wan Qian, Li Chun, Hu Jing costar.

The 70 episode drama airs daily on Beijing TV / Dragon TV beginning tonight.

Teaser 2, Romance Teaser

10 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: New World

  1. Currently halfway through ep.1 of this. Easily one of the best opening episodes this year. The juxtaposition of the upstairs/downstairs events is superb. Every character is introduced with personality, and all the events are enticing even though I still don’t really know what the drama is about.

    I feel like Xu Bing’s directing elevates his writing.

    Update: finished all four eps. It’s really good. I haven’t seen a drama with such good character intros in forever. Each character is immediately distinguishable and fascinating upon entrance (and very naturally vs caricature-like). The editing builds up tension without being too stylized. Everything else is also really good but these two really make the drama stand out over other recent cdramas.

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