L-R: A police officer, a gangster and a spy.

New World stars Sun Honglei, Zhang Luyi and Yin Fang as non-biological brothers who always have each other’s backs despite differing political loyalties. Wan Qian, Li Chun, Hu Jing costar.

The 70 episode drama airs daily on Beijing TV / Dragon TV beginning tonight.

Teaser 2, Romance Teaser

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10 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: New World”

  1. Currently halfway through ep.1 of this. Easily one of the best opening episodes this year. The juxtaposition of the upstairs/downstairs events is superb. Every character is introduced with personality, and all the events are enticing even though I still don’t really know what the drama is about.

    I feel like Xu Bing’s directing elevates his writing.

    Update: finished all four eps. It’s really good. I haven’t seen a drama with such good character intros in forever. Each character is immediately distinguishable and fascinating upon entrance (and very naturally vs caricature-like). The editing builds up tension without being too stylized. Everything else is also really good but these two really make the drama stand out over other recent cdramas.

      1. My thoughts exactly when watching the jailbreak – dramaworld police incompetency at its best. XD I’m also getting pretty impatient with Xu Tian – he needs to grow a brain real fast.

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