Promo Round-up: Ever Night 2

Can Wang Hedi and Song Yiren defeat the all-powerful God in the sequel?

Season 2 of Ever Night stars Dylan Wang Hedi, Song Yiren, Yuan Bingyan and Yang Chaoyue. Ever Night 2 airs two episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with six additional episodes for Tencent VIP members and additional episodes for ordering beginning Feb. 3. Watch it on Youtube with English subs here.

Latest relationship-focused trailer below, more here and here.

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: Ever Night 2

  1. Thanks for the update.

    Cannot believe Tencent hasn’t learned from Joy of Life surcharge mess.

    The novel is too long. Wonder whether I can follow season 2 when I stopped at season 1 ep 9.

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