Ever Night 2 releases trailer

Wang Hedi replaces Arthur Chen Feiyu in Ever Night 2

Despite a change in the male lead from Arthur Chen to Wang Hedi, the trailer for the new season of Ever Night looks imo even better than the previous one, with better CGI and a more crispy edit. The drama brings back director Yang Yang as well as most of the first season’s cast – Song Yiren, Yuan Bingyan, Dylan Kuo, Sun Zujun, etc. Yang Chaoyue joins the cast as the god Haotian, while Lian Lian replaces Tong Yao as the princess. There’s still no broadcasting date announced.

Longer BTS/Director’s notes

4 thoughts on “Ever Night 2 releases trailer

  1. Bummed several key characters got replaced. One of the three girls, the one always in red is replaced. The emperor and the general… and of course the lead. For some reason, it’s either the makeup or facial feature or something, he looks very made up with the makeup he has…

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