The new season of Ever Night stars Dylan Wang Hedi as Ning Que, Song Yiren as Sangsang and Yuan Bingyan as Mo Shanshan. New leading cast members include Liu Kejun as Ye Hongyu and Yang Chaoyue as Haotian, the all-powerful god and the leads’ archenemy.

Coming from the producers of Season 1, Ever Night 2 is tentatively scheduled to broadcast this month on Tencent.

Lian Lian as Empress of Tang
Bao Jianfeng as Emperor of Tang
Wang Jinsong as Master Qishan
Ai Liya as Quni
He Zhonghua reprises his role as Liu Bai
Yu Ailei as Head Priest of Xiling Immortal Shrine
Luosang Qunpei as Archpriest of Revelation

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