Feng Shaofeng’s The Imperial Age releases first trailer

The Imperial Age 山河月明 (prev. 江山纪) is an upcoming historical drama that chronicles the life of Zhu Di (Feng Shaofeng / Cheng Yi), fourth son of the founding emperor (Chen Baoguo) of the Ming Dynasty who later rebels against his nephew Zhu Yunwen (Chen Yuemo) and takes the throne for himself.

The drama has assembled a solid cast full of veterans: Wang Jinsong plays Zhu Yuanzhang’s military strategist Liu Bowen, Wang Huichun stars as Zhu Di’s advisor Yao GuangxiaoZhang Fengyi plays general Xu Da and Zhu Di’s father-in-law, Wang Ji plays Empress Ma and Zhang Guangbei plays Yuan general Wang Baobao.

Mickey He plays Zhu Biao, Ying’er / Yu Ting’er plays Zhu Di’s empress Xu Miaoyun, while Zhang Zhixi costars as Wang Baobao’s daughter.

The Yongle Emperor has often been criticised for his cruelty towards the Jianwen Emperor’s supporters and the drastic measures he took to silence his opponents, but is generally regarded as a capable emperor who initiated beneficial reforms for the country.

Produced by Huanrui (Noble Aspirations, Glory of the Tang Dynasty), directed by Gao Xixi (Legend of Chu and Han) and written by Dong Zhe (The Founding of an Army), the 45 episode drama has yet to confirm an air date.

Chen Yuemo as Zhu Yunwen
Wang Ji as Empress Ma

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