Promo Round-up: Detective Chinatown web drama

Writer-director Chen Sicheng has grand plans to create his own Detective Chinatown Universe, and the web drama is his first attempt at bringing the series out of cinema and onto the small screen.

The 12 episode web drama comes from Sam Quah, the director of well-received crime thriller Sheep Without a Shepherd and releases 1 episode a day every Wed-Sat beginning today.

First case: The Name of the Rose (Roy Chiu, Wang Zhen’er, Zhang Yishang)

Second case: Dance of the Mandala (Roy Qiu, Janine Chang, Zhang Yishang, Zhang Songwen, Chang Shih, Deng Enxi)

Third case: Challenge Match with the Ghost (Chen Zheyuan, Cheng Xiao, Victor Ma Boqian, Li Mingxuan, Luo Yuxin)

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