Promo Round-up: Empress of the Ming

Tang Wei plays the Empress of the Ming Sun Ruowei, a former noble lady who puts her personal vendetta aside and becomes a respected empress with the help of her husband Zhu Zhanji (Zhu Yawen) and trusted advisor Xu Bin (Qiao Zhenyu).

Ming Dynasty 大明风华 (as it wants to be known as) runs for 62 episodes and airs daily on Hunan TV beginning tonight.

Teaser, Romance teaser

In the drama, Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang are sisters fighting for the love of one man
Qiao Zhenyu plays the head of the jinyiwei (imperial secret police)
Family of three
Key players in the Tumu Crisis: Yu Qian, Sun Ruowei (empress dowager), Zhu Qiyu

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