Netflix to release Yanxi Palace spin-off

The title sounds like a Disney channel original film.

Netflix will release a spinoff of popular drama The Story of Yanxi Palace on December 31 here. Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures 金枝玉叶 follows the daughter of Wei Yingluo and the Emperor Qianlong, the seventh Princess Zhaohua played by Wang Herun, in her efforts to win the heart of the son Erqing (played by Wang Yizhe) while she fights the vendetta against her family.

7 thoughts on “Netflix to release Yanxi Palace spin-off

  1. I am worried about the Yanxi palace spin off….. have they forgotten that Erqing’s son is also the Qianlong’s son and therefore…..Wei Ying Luo and Qianlong’s daughter’s half brother??????

    • The emperor was too drunk to do it with Erqing so she only spent the night with him. She did it with the poetic guy that likes her. So the kids are not siblings.

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