Qing Dynasty Time-traveling Romance Releases Trailer

Will this bring on a revival of the genre? Or is it beating a dead horse?

After a long drought in the genre, the team behind Qing Dynasty time-traveling romance Bu Bu Jing Xing returns with an adaptation of one of the pillars of the genre – A Dream Back to the Qing Dynasty 梦回大清 by Jinzi. The series stars Li Landi as a modern girl sent back to the reign of Kangxi, where she becomes intertwined with the lives of the various princes as they fight for the throne.

The series co-stars Wang Anyu, Xin Yunlai, Sun Anke, Ding Qiao, and Zhang Leyun and is rumored to air this month. Character posters here.

4 thoughts on “Qing Dynasty Time-traveling Romance Releases Trailer

  1. This looks great ! I hope this really airs this month !
    (but I’m surprised the time-traveling part wasn’t censored)

    • Time-traveling character should not impact history. If everything happened the way it was supposed to according to historical records and in no part due to such character’s “interference”, censors might be mostly fine. Based on my vague memory, some of BBJX female lead’s actions (inadvertently?) gave prince #4 competitive edge for the throne, which would be a no-no. Some of her actions to help prince #8 and #14 didn’t work, which would be ok, assuming it wasn’t obvious those actions hurt them more.

      Censors will decide which actions ultimately messed with history and which didn’t. I doubt they can be 100% consistent. Busybody viewers might pick up more “violations” and report those to the censors. If the complaints are accepted, censors will demand the drama pulled for re-edits.

    • The rules aren’t very specific. You just need to be able to explain it through science, like a time-travelling machine or a weird electromagnetic field or a dream sequence.

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