Celebrity Schedules: December 2019

Zhang Tian’ai

Round-up of celebrity Decembers schedules put out by their workshops and what drama/film they’re working on right now, mostly selected based on if I liked their photo.


Luo Yunxi, Love is Sweet
Bai Jingting, Love to be Loved By You with Ma Sichun
Li Qin, movie Warm Hug 温暖的抱抱 with Chang Yuan
Yang Mi, Thank You Doctor
Han Dongjun, My Genius Neighbourhood 走起我的天才街坊 (an entrepreneurial drama about AI technology) with Peng Xiaoran.
Ju Jingyi, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 with Zhang Zhehan
Aarif Rahman, Charming and Countries 十国千娇

Not filming:

Zhong Chuxi
Hua Chenyu
Lin Yun
Wang Ziyi
Cecilia Boey
Cai Xukun

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