Dates are tentative, as dramas may be pulled at the last minute. Fingers crossed the period dramas are able to premiere without any setbacks.

You Are The Miracle 你是我的奇迹 – Dec 2
Starring: Ji Xiaobing, Gong Wanyi
Details: 24 eps, weekly drama on Tencent
Romance between two popular police academy students.

Sword Dynasty 剑王朝 – Dec 6
Starring: Li Xian, Li Yitong, Liu Yijun
Details: 34 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Revolves around a young man who seeks to assassinate the king.

Empress of the Ming 大明风华 – Dec 17
Starring: Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen, Qiao Zhenyu
Details: daily drama on Hunan TV

Chronicles the life of Sun Ruowei, who lived through the rule of three emperors.

The Best Partner 精英律师 – Dec 20
Starring: Jin Dong, Lan Yingying, Liu Mintao
Details: 49 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV/Beijing TV

Legal drama (no romance).

The Romance of Huarong 一夜新娘 – Dec ??
Starring: Zhao Zhaoyi, Yuan Hao
Details: weekly drama on Mango TV

Sweet rom-com. Pirate x general’s daughter.

To Get Her 惹不起的殿下大人 – Dec ??
Starring: Huang Riying, Tang Xiaotian
Details: weekly drama on Tencent / Mango TV

A top idol is transported into an RPG game and makes a name for himself as a musically talented prince.

Under the Power 锦衣之下 – Jan ??
Starring: Ren Jialun, Tan Songyun, Han Dong
Details: 55 episodes, weekly drama on Mango TV
Secret police x constable work together to solve cases and fall in love along the way.

Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄 – Jan/Feb ??
Starring: Hu Yitian, Chen Zheyuan
Details: 53 episodes,weekly drama on iQiyi

Happiness Over Two Lifetimes 两世欢 – Jan/Feb ??
Starring: Yu Menglong, Chen Yuqi
Details: 45 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi

Leads work undercover to unravel a political conspiracy.

The Great Lord 大主宰 – Jan/Feb ??
Starring: Wang Yuan, Ouyang Nana
Details: 48 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi

Hero learns some magic skills and must now save the world.

Skate into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 – Jan/Feb ??
Starring: Wu Qian, Zhang Xincheng
Details: 45 episodes, weekly drama on Youku.
Winter sports + romance drama.

Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 – Jan/Feb??
Starring: Dilraba, Gao Weiguang
Details: 60 episodes, weekly drama on Tencent

Romance between deities.

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