Kris Wu, Yang Zi confirmed for The Golden Hairpin

Period mystery drama The Golden Hairpin 青簪行 stars Yang Zi as a governor’s daughter turned fugitive, while Kris Wu plays the Emperor’s younger brother the Prince of Kui in his drama debut.

During the 14th year of the Xiantong Era, Huang Zixia (Yang Zi) is accused of poisoning her entire family to death, and becomes a wanted fugitive. Li Shubai (Kris Wu) agrees to reopen the investigate her family’s case, in return for her expertise in solving the mysteries that have caused him to become the subject of an ominous prophecy.

Based on the novel The Story of Hairpin 簪中录 by Cece Qinghan (English version on Amazon), the drama will be directed by Lin Yufen (Eternal Love, Love and Destiny) and written by Jin Haishu (The Identity of Father) and Wang Lizhi (Beauties in the Closet).

1 thought on “Kris Wu, Yang Zi confirmed for The Golden Hairpin

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize Lin Yufen would be directing this. Knowing that, it’s probably going to be a good series. I know a lot of people doubted Kris Wu’s casting in this, but I’m sure Lin Yufen knows what she’s doing, as she’s particular about who she casts for her dramas. I’ll be looking forward to watching this.

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