Father and daughter

Yuan Hong (Great Expectations), Zhao Jinmai (Growing Pains), Lin Yi (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) have been cast in Tangren’s upcoming ancient fantasy web drama Linglong 玲珑, which recently released a set of stills to test your vision.

Legend has it that Suchuan is a mysterious land home to gods and goddesses. However, after the fall of the celestial beings, Suchuan enters a period of upheaval and division. Years later, the young ruler Yuanyi (Lin Yi) is determined to end the unrest.

Believing the conflict has to do with the extinction of the gods, he seeks out Linglong (Zhao Jinmai), a maiden who has inherited the power of the gods. Yuanyi persuade Linglong and her father Chixing (Yuan Hong) to leave their peaceful village, and the three embark on a journey to save the world.

The 45 episode drama is directed by Shi Lei (S.C.I Mystery) and written by Xu Yiming.

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