Promo Round-up: Royal Nirvana

Political intrigue-romance drama Royal Nirvana revolves around an unfavoured prince’s (Luo Jin) struggles against a corrupt government and a heartless father. Li Yitong costars as a former noble lady intent on avenging her family who ends up falling in love with the prince instead. [Extended Synopsis]

Youku has forgone an official announcement and premiered the first two episodes with little fanfare. The 60 episode drama releases 1 ep a day from Mon-Fri. Watch it on Youtube here.

Theme song by Jin Zhiwen

Theme song by Zhou Shen

1 thought on “Promo Round-up: Royal Nirvana

  1. A special thank you for cfensi’s posts on all the long 2019 dramas – Longest Chang An, Novoland, Love Destiny – although I haven’t watched them. This Royal Nirvana drama has several actors I like and the opening looks good. I just hope it has a good plot and won’t get unbearably melodramatic. I was exhausted by the multiple evil princes in The Rise of the Phoenix. Hopefully Jin Han is the only evil prince in this one. At least RN doesn’t have as many episodes as TROP.

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