Madame White Snake actress Ju Jingyi promotes a gift box consisting of make-up inspired by scenes of the West Lake.

As the world’s biggest online shopping event comes around this year, local make-up brands are getting more innovative with their attempts to capture the market. 

A look at some cool make-up collaborations between traditional Chinese culture and the entertainment world, including with  Dilraba X Dunhuang Museum,  Ju Jingyi X West Lake,  Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.  National Chinese Geographic, and of course The Forbidden Palace.

Dilraba promotes a make-up collab with the Dunhuang Museum:

Pechoin’s eye shadow palettes take their inspiration from murals at the Dunhuang Caves
Dilraba promotes the Pechoin X  Dunhuang Museum collection


Ju Jingyi X Huaxizi X West Lake
West Lake Collection with a cool 3D box.
The lipsticks feature traditional carvings of West Lake impressions
The lipsticks feature traditional carvings of West Lake impressions

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation individual eyeshadows collection
Lan Wangji eyeshadow palette
Wei Wuxian eyeshadow palette
Wei Wuxian eyeshadow palette
Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation collection with eyeshadow palettes and other stuff.
Forbidden Palace X Xiefuchun solid perfume

And last but not least, my favorite collaboration that I’m putting up even though it doesn’t have a entertainment IP attached to it, the Perfect Diary X Chinese National Geography collection that takes its inspiration from natural sights in China.


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