Song Zu’er is stunning in a cape decorated with Beijing and Chaozhou-styled embroideries

Photographer Yin Chao captures the beauty of Chinese embroidery with the help of Fan Chengcheng, Zhang Tian’ai, Song Zu’er, Xu Weizhou, Jane Zhang, Song Zu’er, Jin Dachuan, and Jikejunyi in this photoshoot.

Song Zu’er in a Miao embroidered Jacket
Song Zu’er in a cape with Beijing and Chaozhou embroideries
Song Zu’er in a Miao embroidered skirt
Jane Zhang modeling an vintage piece of Suzhou emboridery
Jane Zhang modeling traditional emboridery
Jikejunyi X Satin Stitch
Jikejunyi X Satin Stitch
Jin Dachuan X Beijing embroidery

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