Will 2020 be the year of female ensemble dramas?

Zhou Xun, Kara Hui and Angie Chiu have already finished filming 24-episode webdrama The Imperfect Woman 不完美的她 (lit.), a remake of Japanese drama Mother.

It might have started in early 2018, when a tweet proposing a Chinese drama featuring female friends whose lives aren’t revolving around romance and kids got millions of retweets as women across China (and overseas) shared their wishes to see more female characters with diverse aspirations and female friendships not tied together by their common rivalry for a man.

In the year since then, companies seem to have picked up the hint as one after another modern female ensemble dramas began production this year. The dramas range from women fighting their place in college (Unfazed at Twenty ) to women dealing with mid-life crises to women seeking to find a new meaning in life in old age (Good Times).

Here’s a look at some of the announced upcoming female ensemble dramas, which one are you looking forward to the most?

First trailer for Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao, and Mao Xiaotong’s Nothing But Thirty

Nothing But Thirty 三十而已
– Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao and Mao Xiaotong

Gu Jia (Tong Yao) is a gold-collar worker who enjoys balancing the role of a career woman and a housewife. When another woman threatens to tear her marriage apart, can she save her marriage and career?
Wang Manni (Jiang Shuying) is sexy, smart and single, and believes she always deserves the best. What happens when she gets a flash wedding?
Zhong Xiaoqin (Mao Xiaotong) is an ordinary woman with an ordinary job and family. When the adaption rights to one of Zhong Xiaoqin’s novels is sold, she becomes the breadwinner and star of the family, and the power imbalance begins to take a visible toll on their marriage

Unfazed at Twenty 二十不惑
– Guan Xiaotong, Li Gengxi, Dong Siyi, Bu Guanjin
As graduation comes near, each roommate of a college dorm must face their own problems. The fangirl Duan Jiabao begins to navigate real-life romance, protected child Luo Yan tries to repair relations with her mother; Socialite Liang Shuang learns how to not hurt those who love her; As for Jiang Xiaoguo, she has to learn to open her heart to maintain her friendships and find a job and romance on the way.

The Heritage 传家
– Qin Lan x Nie Yuan, Wu Jinyan x Han Geng, Zhang Nan, Miao Pu
After the family’s only son decides to become a doctor, the Zhong family patriarch calls back his three daughters to find an heir to the family business. The three daughters – one a classically trained Chinese lady, one who grew up trading with foreigners under her grandmother, and one who returns from college in America – must use everything they’ve learned to prove that they’re the most deserving heir. Yet when their father is murdered after the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, the three sisters and their step-mother must unite to maintain the family business.

It’s not that I can’t Marry 谁说我结不了婚- Tong Yao, Chen Shu, Xu Fangyi

It’s not that I can’t Marry 谁说我结不了婚
– Tong Yao, Chen Shu, Xu Fangyi
Xu Lu (Tong Yao) is 34-years-old and she hasn’t had a boyfriend in years. She enjoys her life as a single woman. She is a doctor and runs her own beauty dermatology clinic. Her two besties, lawyer Tian Lei (Chen Shu) and dermatology clinic owner Ding Shiya (Xu Fangyi) are also single and happy. When Xu Lu meets sociologist Wei Shu (Pan Yueming), the two’s differing outlooks on life begin to clash.

To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己
– Liu Shishi, Kan Qingzi, Chen Miqi
Li Siyu (Liu Shishi) is an intelligent, independent and hard-working sales representative, and has a loving boyfriend in Chen Yiming (Zhu Yilong), a self-motivated planning manager. Successful, rich and slightly arrogant, Chen Yiming is unable to cope with his sudden unemployment, and cracks begin to form in their relationship. Meiqi is Siyu’s step-sister, a goddess-like individual who dreams of marrying the most eligible bachelor.
Yumeng is the heroine’s cousin and an ordinary white-collar worker who only wants to take good care of her husband and daughter. However, Liu Yang (Peng Guanying) isn’t one to be content with an ordinary lifestyle and decides to cheat on Yumeng with a female subordinate. Unfortunately, misfortunes come in threes – his affair is discovered, he finds himself in a precarious position at work, and is then diagnosed with an illness. Yumeng lends a helping hand, and must decide if she wants to forgive her unfaithful husband.

Love in Shanghai 他其实没有那么爱你 – Song Qian, Zhang Jianing, Li Chu, Celina Jade

Love in Shanghai 他其实没有那么爱你
– Song Qian, Zhang Jianing, Li Chu, Celina Jade [Trailer]
Television reporter Sun Yihe (Song Qian), corporate manager Ren Ran (Li Chun), the optimistic Dingding (Zhang Jianing) and single mother Wang Xinyi (Celina) are all on the cusp of turning thirty and have reached career bottlenecks. Their love lives don’t go too smoothly either, as all sorts of conflicts and problems start to surface when they begin dating. 

Good Times 老闺蜜 – Wang Fuzhi, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian

Good Times 老闺蜜
– Wang Fuzhi, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian
Faced with death, disease, children issues, cat issues, business issues, etc., five elderly women decide to join together to build an “Utopia for the Elderly”

Fighting Youth 正青春 – Wu Jinyan, Yin Tao, Liu Mintao

Fighting Youth 正青春 (formerly Standardized Life)
Wu Jinyan, Yin Tao, Zuo Xiaoqing, Liu Mintao

 Zhang Xiaoyu is the plucky new assistant to Lin Rui (Yin Tao), SW company’s smart and capable sales director and the most likely candidate to take over the position of leader from Shu Wanting (Liu Mintao). Unwilling to step down, Shu Wanting brings Lin Rui’s long-standing rival Fang Jing (Zuo Xiaoqing) to their region, and lets her lead the second sales department. Zhang Xiaoyu gets entangled in the messy corporate politics, yet is well protected by her mentor and boss, and finds true love in the process.

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