Teaser and character introductions for Zhao Liying, Wang Yibo’s Legend of Fei

Zhao Liying as Zhou Fei, the stubborn heroine who is a natural at martial arts. She travels across wulin and begins to learn powerful skills from the grand masters she meets along the way.

Wuxia drama Legend of Fei has released stills and a short preview of leads Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo in action. I loved the original novel, so am keeping an open mind about the adaption. See below for more character introductions (spoilers ahead) and here for extended synopsis.

Wang Yibo as Xie Yun (Zhao Mingyun), a cheeky and quick-witted martial artist who goes by the nickname ‘Meimei’ (lit. bad luck or mould). The son of the Crown Prince of the collapsing Southern Dynasty, Xie Yun is later betrayed by his emperor and poisoned on the battlefield. However, he doesn’t wallow in self-pity, and is content to lead a carefree lifestyle away from court. The poison recurs after he uses a powerful internal energy technique to save Zhou Fei from harm.
Zhang Huiwen as Wu Chuchu, a kind-hearted and shy noble lady who is saved by Zhou Fei who begins to develop her self-esteem and independence at the stronghold.
Chen Ruoxuan as Li Sheng, Zhou Fei’s older cousin. He has a competitive streak, always wanting to beat the heroine in martial arts assessments. He overhears his aunt Li Jinrong saying that he isn’t naturally gifted when it comes to martial arts, and leaves the stronghold to try and prove her wrong. After enduring much hardship in the wulin, he concedes the Zhou Fei is indeed better than him.
Zhou Jieqiong as Li Yan. Li Sheng’s younger sister and Zhou Fei’s biggest fan girl, her martial arts skills are close to non-existent.
Sun Jian as Yin Pei. A ruthless martial artist whose entire life is a lie. He is led into believing he is the protector and heir of a powerful sword, and eventually turns into a psychopathic murderer blinded by revenge.
Zhang Xinyu as Yang Jin. A hot-tempered and impulsive master of medicines from Nanjiang who seeks out Zhou Fei in order to challenge her.
Leng Jiyuan as Ying Hecong, a master of poisons. Similar to Yin Pei, Ying Hecong is also keen on revenge after his family is massacred. However, he grows up under a benevolent mentor in the Little Medicine Valley, and is prevented from walking down a path of no return.
Che Xiao as the strong-willed Li Jinrong, Zhou Fei’s mother and leader of the Forty Eight Strongholds. She once charged through a three thousand-strong brigade in an attempt to kill Cao Zhongkun and avenge her father’s death. Her relationship with husband Zhou Yitang becomes strained when he decides to reenter politics after the Southern Dynasty’s chancellor Liang Shao passes away.
Dong Xuan as Duan Jiuniang. A skilled martial artist who is slightly unhinged. She develops an unrequited love for Zhou Fei’s grandfather Li Zheng after he saves her from four members of the Big Dipper, and cultivates a powerful technique aimed at overpowering Li Zheng so she can force him to marry her. In the present timeline twenty years later, she transfers her techniques to Zhou Fei, and buys the heroine time to escape when the Northern Dipper arrives.
Geng Le as Shen Tianshu. The cunning head of the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper, a group of seven martial artists that are loyal to Cao Zhongkun, the treacherous chancellor who usurped the throne twenty years ago. Unlike his commander, Shen Tianshu is an antagonist that is unwilling to rely on trickery and unscrupulous tactics.
Hu Bing as Li Zheng, Zhou Fei’s grandfather (should only appear in flashbacks). On orders from the emperor, he founds the Forty Eight Strongholds in order to keep the pugilist world under control.

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