First looks at Tang Yan, Shawn Dou’s Liao Dynasty drama

Tang Yan as the Liao Empress

Tang Yan and Shawn Dou look amazing in the first stills of their latest drama together, The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕云台.The drama follows the life of Liao dynasty empress Xiao Yanyan (Tang Yan), her advisor (Shawn Dou) and emperor (Jing Chao). The drama recently concluded filming and is expected to air late 2020. [Extended Synopsis]

Shawn Dou as the court advisor
Jing Chao as the Liao Emperor Yelü Xian.
Charmaine Sheh as Xiao Yanyan’s sister Xiao Hunian.
Liu Yijun as Xiao Yanyan’s father Xiao Siwen, a court official that served four rulers.
Lu Shan as Wuguli, Xiao Yanyan’s second sister.
Ning Li
Ji Chen as Yelü Xiyin, a member of the royal family who has a habit of staging revolts (and failing).
Tan Kai as Yelü Yansage, the emperor’s uncle.

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  1. Shawn looks hot, but Tang Yan’s makeup is too modern. False eyelashes should be banned from period dramas.

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