Thankful for the Remaining Years / Qing Yu Nian comes from Wang Juan, the writer of cult hits Turbulence of the Mu Clan, Legend of Southwest Dance and Music and Young Blood. Zhang Ruoyun is a forward-thinking noble intent on pushing through political reforms, most of which are opposed by the tyrannical ruler of Qing (Chen Daoming).

It’s rumoured Season 1 of 3 will premiere in less than a week. [Character Intros]

Han Meinuo as Ye Ling’er

Liu Meitong as Zhan Doudou

Tian Yu as Wang Qinian

Wang Yang as Teng Zijing

Yu Xiaowei as Shen Zhong

Guo Qilin as Fan Siche

Gao Shuguang as Fan Jian

Li Qiang as Yan Ruohai, Yan Bingyun’s father

Yu Yang as Lin Ruofu

Tong Mengshi as Wu Zhu, the powerful grandmaster that never ages

Liu Duanduan as the second prince

Hai Yitian as Zhu Ge

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  1. Might be interesting to see how the drama handles male lead’s 2 wives and 3 other love interests. The audio drama’s popularity, among mostly younger female audience, seemed to have suffered due to this.

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